Web Hosting Reviews

Web Hosting Reviews – Just how honest are they, and can you believe all you read?

Basing the selection of a website hosting provider solely on a web hosting review can be a trap for the unweary. The majority of these so called “hosting review” sites earn their income from advertising the biggest paying web hosting affiliate programs on their websites. Some of these programs pay up to $100 a lead, so it is easy to see why there are so many of these review sites operating, and why when you type “web hosting” into google you get 300 million plus results returned.

If I were to also reveal to you how much companies are willing to pay to advertise in the “sponsored links” section of any Google results page I can guarantee you are going to mutter an expletive.

$37 was the top bid per click when I checked this morning! Again, so many of those ads are for these “review” sites, so are they really giving you honest opinions on the quality of the webhosting?

So, as a consumer, how do you choose the webhost that will best suit your needs? The first thing you need to do so you get the exact web hosting package you need is identify what it is you need. A site with up to 10 000 visitors per month, about 330 per day is going to fit comfortably on any of the basic plans that you can get from around $5 a month. Even on these plans you won’t go close to using the transfer (bandwidth) that comes with your account.

If you’re looking to run an online store and use some sort of shopping cart, again a simple plan with 1 MySQL database is all you are going to need. I know quite a few online stores with about 10 000 visitors per month who use less than half a gigabyte of transfer a month.

Once you start getting 10 000 visitors a day, it would be time to look at dedicated hosting. Then you can run lots of nifty scripts, have multiple domains and email accounts and run them all from the one hosting account.

I recommend you spend 20 minutes or so looking at web hosting providers and compare what they offer. This step in launching a web business is the most critical, yet it is the one people pay least attention to.

If you are looking for a good list of reasonably priced web hosting companies, I can recommend you click here for a list with plenty of options. Grab a pad and pencil, or open an Excel web sheet and jot down what they offer, then pick the one that gives you the best options for the price offered.

Again, remember 99% of these web hosting review sites are not looking out for your best interest. They are only interested in making quick money from you by selling you the products that they get paid the best commissions on. Take your time, compare apples for apples and then make your decision to purchase. Again, a decent list of the most reasonably priced web hosting companies is available here.

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