Monetise Your Website

So, you got yourself a website.

After reading our piece on webhosting reviews and the pit falls and pot holes of selecting a webhost, you now have your hosting that suits your website.

This website might be specific to your business. It might be an homage to some celebrity somewhere. It could just be a site you started to share the joy you get from your hobby, or you decided you wanted to have your own blog to speak your mind.

So the question is, now that you ”own” some web real estate, is there a dependable way to earn money from your website other than selling your own goods? The answer is, YES!!!.

One of my personal favourites, and more importantly a global network is ClixGalore. By becoming a publisher, or affiliate, of ClixGalore you get access to a large range of affiliate programs that you can promote on your website. If you sell products, have a healthy margin and would like to have other webmasters (your affiliates!) promoting your goods, you can join ClixGalore as a merchant.

Now this is a great program because you might be selling hand made dog collars. On your website you could find complimentary products – dog food, dog clothes, doggy treats as examples – to advertise on your site. Since you are selling a “pampered pet” product, you can imagine how keen the surfers to your sites would be to spend on other treats for their pampered pets. By being a member of ClixGalore you can increase your income potential without taking sales away from your business.

The real bonus in using a network like ClixGalore is that they already have hundreds of thousands of affiliates ready to sell your goods or services for you. They take care of paying your affiliates for you, so bottom line to your business is less paperwork and less headaches than installing your own affiliate program – with increased profits from exposure to a large network of affiliates who already have websites with traffic and are ready to send spending customers you way.

If you understand this can benefit your business, but would like experience and guidance to help you set it up and avoid potential problems, I offer a consultation service for web businesses looking to set up affiliate networks. 

Use my contact form here to start the ball rolling.

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