Webmaster Tools

Research Tools

These are 2 tools that you can live without, but when I can do the same research while I sleep that you spend all day slaving over, why would you?

SEO Elite and Keyword Elite both unleash information you are going to cry over, and all at the click of a button.

Imagine spending a mere 10 minutes using Keyword Elite to think of keywords and phrases, then letting SEO Elite do exhaustive research on competitiors sites, the top ranking sites, the top rated keywords on those sites and all their backlinks to name a few. All this while you go make a cuppa, do the shopping or play with your kids.

Then there is the bonus of having information at your fingertips that even as a seasoned SEO you would never have known about before. Learn about the linking structures your competitiors use, the authority sites they have links from and even how many of those top 10 sites are owned by the same entity.

Check out SEO Elite and Keyword Elite, and learn why my lifestyle is so much more flexible than yours :D

Getting Noticed

If you understand SEO, then you understand the importance of getting your links out and about. The 2 perfect ways in these days of “Web 2.0″ are writing and submitting articles, and building and submitting webpages.

I can remember the days when this was such a laborious task, building pages, writing articles then submitting them to a long list of sites, hand filling forms submitting. Loading next site, hand filling forms, submitting. Mind numbing work.

Directory Submitter allows you to eaily submit your sites to over 2200 directory sites! We’re talking mega backlinks and increased authority because of it.

Similarly, Article Submitter allows you to quickly and efficiently submit your articles to more than 600 article sites. Fire it up, type in the details once, then quickly and easily submit articles to the sites in the list.

With Directory Submitter and Article Submitter just imagine how quickly you can have those backlinks climbing and google loving your pages in the search results because of it.

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